Coralife BioCube 32 Kit

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Product Overview

The Coralife BioCube is a perfect aquarium for the novice saltwater Aquarius or the seasoned professional.  It's ease of use, simplistic design and spacial adaptability make it a perfect species-only aquarium or a mini-reef that fits into any room or office.

We are now delivering the Coralife LED BioCube 32 within 50 miles of Fishy Business.

Delivered to your door, call 803-731-4004 m-f 11-6 sat 11-4 sun 130-4 to set up delivery.

Complete Kit Containing:

    • Aquarium
    • Custom cabinet
    • 6 boxes Nutri Seawater
    • 20lbs Caribsea OceanDirect Caribbean Live Sand
    • Sera Master Test Box
    • Coralife Hydrometer
    • 15lbs Live Rock

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review