About Us

About our Company

Welcome to the new and improved Fishy Business website and webstore! In the coming weeks you are going to see improvements in every aspect of Fishy Business Aquatics...so much is coming your way in our effort to better serve both our local customer base and those of you who have, up till now, been beyond our reach!

Fishy Business was established in 1986 as Guy Griffin put his childhood dream into motion by creating what has now become the largest aquatic store in South Carolina. With over 5000 square feet of retail shopping, Fishy Business boasts the largest selection of freshwater fish, saltwater fish, corals, live plants, and invertebrates in the area.We only stock the best quality livestock from the best distributors all over the world!

What makes Fishy Business truly unique is the passion and knowlege each staff member has for the hobby and for the helping advise and the individual care we put into each of our customers' aquariums. This is what makes us different and this is what makes us special. Our commitment is that we aid every novice aquarist in achieving their dream no matter what size or type of aquarium they have. In every aspect we will use all the resources we have to make this hobby gratifying to each and every person we have the pleasure of meeting. Success is our sole desire - customer satisfaction our only goal!

Fishy Business is now entering a new era in our history as we go forward expanding every aspect of our livestock selection.

Meet our Team

Guy Griffin is the CEO and founder of Fishy Business. Guy has spent the majority of his life keeping fish, catching fish, displaying fish and managing all the day to day operations that have made Fishy Business the Midlands largest aquatic pet retailer. With 40 years experience under his belt, He has Fishy Business poised to become the largest aquatic retailer in South Carolina with the greatest selection of aquariums, fish and supplies!

Chuck Maier is co-owner and Vice President of Fishy Business. His tenure with Fishy Business spans 25 years and his experience with saltwater aquatics spans longer than that. His specialty is in aquatic creative design and saltwater reef keeping with day to day support of the service side of Fishy Business.

Scott Gibbs is the General Manager of Fishy Business and has been here 15 years with over 25 years experience maintaining and designing aquariums. His knowledge of aquatics and aquarium design are unequaled and his friendly disposition and attention to customer service makes him the perfect person to consult on aquarium design.

Mike Griffin is the backbone of Fishy Business. Mike is an expert aquarist with 30 years experience maintaining and designing aquaria. He is also our chief service tech and there is absolutely no aspect of aquarium design, service, or problem-solving he cannot perform!

Kevin Walker is our Freshwater manager par excellence. With over 30 years taking care of aquariums( with special emphasis on hard to keep species), he is the 1# guy to see at Fishy Business with any questions, problems or advice on aquarium keeping.

Gracie Cubbler is not only the prettiest face at Fishy Business she is also the manager of all our Saltwater and Reef aquatic systems. Her strong emphasis and attention towards customer service and a background as a certified Scuba diver, make her the ideal candidate to speak with when you have questions or concerns with saltwater reef keeping and design.